Silvia Nardoni – VOCALS
Gianluca Rungetti – LEAD GUITAR
Giuseppe Rungetti – RHYTHM GUITAR
Marco Campassi – BASS GUITAR
Genny Eneghes – DRUMS


Since 1996 the southern Italian lands have seen the born, growth and establishment of a melodic death metal act that goes by the name of ‘Steel Cage’ spawned by an idea of both guitarists and brothers Gianluca & Giuseppe Rungetti and drummer Genny Eneghes. Same year they produce a demo-tape ‘Abyss of Steel’ a was beaming vision;

During 1997 the band sees changes in their line up, but nothing will stop the Rungetti brothers to keep working on a new ideas for a future production, concentrating on mixing Death Gothic and some Progressive with their primary roots based in to Thrash Metal, infused with anger and the pain of living in a sick society…;

“Visions Of Dark Millennium” and “Red Blood Planet”

In January 1999 a new and stronger line-up recorded ‘Visions of Dark Millennium’, a demo-cd, which was well received from the national metal press e relative web media. Since then the band would start to work hard on their skills and started to play live around their native nation, sharing stage with band as such Vision Divine.

In 2003, after few years of hard work, the band present a new enhanced-Cd ‘Red Blood Planet’ reaching a much better exposure on the main national metal magazines reaching a top release among the Italian metal releases (METAL SHOCK n.379).

2004 is the year the band started to work even harder live appearing live with Cadaveria and Illogicist.


March 2007, another period of hard work follows and the new album ‘Obsidian’ is completed as fourth release. It is a more mature, rational work, as sharp as obsidian and as strong as the will of keep going forward. This time adding female singer with a variety of vocals as clean and melo and screaming and raw, giving a new edge to the song writing and the performance of the Steel Cage.

January 2011, OBSIDIAN digital release is available on worldwide online stores! Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many others around the world!

Spring 2015, along with long time friend Antonio on bass guitar, new and past ideas are gathered for the new album Syndrome. Recording started late 2017. 

Antonio left the band in 2018 and the old friend Marco (former bass guitar player on VISIONS OF DARK MILLENNIUM)  joined again the band to carry the bass guitar duties.


IN-STATIC MIND announced on march 20th as the first single from the new album SYNDROME, then followed by other three singles: BLACKEST PRAY, REVENGE (of Sanity) and WELCOME OBSCURITAS

November 2021: Silvia Nardoni joins the band as new singer….”WELCOME obsc….SILVIA!!!”

More news yet to be disclosed…stay STEEL!


Our gratitude goes to those wonderful people we had the pleasure to share our road with. Time passes, but the memory remains…stay STEEL!!!
Nov 2021 "SYNDROME" line up
Sept 2019 "SYNDROME" recordings
Apr 2015 SYNDROME songwriting
March 2007 OBSIDIAN pt.2
Jan 2004 OBSIDIAN pt.1
Jan 1999 VISIONS line up
Jan 1996 ABYSS line up
Jan 1993 the early days